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With KSI’s fight against Alex Wassabi in jeopardy, YouTube star Jake Paul has made a startling offer to go to London to fight his fellow boxer-turned-YouTuber.

On the morning of August 27th, news broke that KSI’s opponent, Wassabi, had suffered an injury and would not be able to compete. As a result, YouTuber Keemstar said the battle was in doubt on his Drama Alert web news show.

“This is extremely important news, so please pay attention. Wounds have been sustained by Wassabi. I have now heard of two types of injuries: a concussion and a fractured hand. It’s from someone in close proximity to Wassabi’s base camp, “His words.

“Another reliable supply of mine is located near Wassabi’s base. And this is exactly what we’re experiencing at the moment. I’ve verified everything twice and made sure to fill in any blanks. The Wassabi has been hurt. Current speculation suggests he may not face KSI on August 27.


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In the event that the rumors are true and Wassabi is forced to withdraw, KSI will need to find a replacement opponent if he still intends to compete towards the end of August. A huge fight with Jake Paul is one possibility.

The American is eager to initiate conflict and has taken to Twitter to propose terms. Paul was all set to take on the YouTube star in London, so he sent a challenge to KSI and waited for an answer.  KSI has faced off against Paul’s older brother Logan twice, but not yet. The first one occurred in February of 2018 and was a white-collar battle; two judges scored it 57-57, and a third judge scored it 58-57 in favor of KSI, for a majority draw.

A rematch took place in November of 2019 at the Staples Center, but this time it was a professional bout. The fight was decided by a split decision, with two judges scoring it 56–55 for KSI and one for Paul, and a third judge scoring it 57–54 for the Englishman.

After defeating Paul in that match, KSI announced that his next and final bout would be against Wassabi. Meanwhile, the younger Paul brother has fought professionally five times, with a perfect record that includes four knockout victories. “I heard that Alex got a concussion and will miss the game. F***** up. For Alex, this was a fantastic chance. Yes, he will return. KSI… there’s a reason for everything. I’m coming to battle in your city. You and your boxing team. The A-Team is on your side. I’ll hit 180 on August 27th, too. Do you agree?” Tweets from Paul.


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Along with the communication, Paul also included a video in which he detailed his offer for KSI once more. The 25-year-old started the video off with a joke and a suggestion that KSI will try to find an excuse to turn him down.

“Yes, I did hear about KSI’s fight; obviously, this is bad news for Alex. His head injury prevents him from engaging in combat. But now KSI is in a tight spot; if he doesn’t accept the fight with me, everyone will assume he’s terrified. KSI I’ll fly to London and fight at 180 pounds, so you can be the main event. What gives? In that case, do you accept?” – Paul declared.

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