The next chapter of the WWE’s women’s division came into focus on Monday Night RAW after a hard-hitting WarGames weekend and a week of television that addressed the ensuing fallout. Not one but two matches were held in a mini-tournament to determine the next challenger for Bianca Balair’s championship.

Predictably, Bayley entered the ring to introduce herself and Damage CTRL before Becky Lynch, now sporting her “The Man” persona, stepped down to interrupt her in a playful reversal of their last show’s segment. Before both made their case for why they should be in charge of the division, each made much ado about their own success and positions within the organization.

Thankfully, both were given opportunities to refute that assertion later on in the program when they were booked into three-way matches to determine the two finalists for the RAW Woman’s Championship #1 contenders. Bayley was matched up against Asuka and Rhea Ripley, and Lynch was scheduled to compete against Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss.

To Bayley’s credit, she won her bout. Unfortunately for Lynch, however, the “Damaged Duo” of Dakota Kai and IYO SKY interfered, allowing Bliss to pin her former tag team partner and move on to the second round of the competition, where she will face Bayley the following week.

Alexa Bliss and Bayley talk

In an unexpected turn of events, Bayley appeared to be far more interested in discussing Lynch’s defeat than her own victory, which Cathy Kelley took as a sign that she was curious to hear what Bayley had to say about her “double win.”

I don’t know if you recall, but I was able to win my previous match in my hometown, so I’m feeling extremely happy right now, Bayley remarked. “I don’t know if there’s something in the air here in DC, if it’s related to, you know, my strategy game, or if Becky kind of messed up, didn’t she?

I believe she misjudged IYO, aka Damage CTRL, Dakota, and me. You wouldn’t dare speak up and disparage us, would you? No? Becky, the idiot, did it. Since it won’t be with me anytime soon, I believe Becky may have her little fantasy match in her sleep. Sorry, sister; take care, Lexa.

With Bliss scheduled to follow, Bayley will face Belair for the third time in the RAW Women’s Championship since Extreme Rules, when the two engaged in a ladder match in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the birthplace of extreme sports. Bliss might, however, have her own thoughts and champion ambitions.

Alexa Bliss is ready to get back to her winning ways in WWE.

As absurd as it may sound, Bliss hasn’t held a singles championship in the WWE since she captured the RAW Women’s Championship for the third time in 2018, with the exception of the 24/7 Championship.

Since then, Bliss has won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship twice with Cross and once more with Asuka, in addition to her entire Fiend-adjacent angle. However, other than those accomplishments, Bliss has remained at best a challenger and at worst an afterthought.

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Would Bliss like to win the RAW title for the fourth time? The answer is unquestionable yes, as evidenced by her remarks to Kelley. We’ve had a number of encounters with Damage CTRL, including Bayley herself, and this time, I believe I’m ready for her, Bliss remarked. “Last time I wasn’t really getting my bearings, but lately I’ve had this newfound aggression, and I think I’m going to harness that with Bayley, and I’m thrilled for next week,” the speaker said.

In the last two years, Bliss and Bayley have only engaged in one singles bout, which occurred on September 19, 2022, when Damage CTRL’s leader defeated Asuka’s tag team teammate.

Although they have a history dating back to Bliss stealing Bayley’s RAW Women’s Title at Payback 2017, the two have mostly only engaged in the tag team competition with Mrs. “Ding Dong, Hello!” concentrating her attention on Belair and her counterpart who is vying for the current WWE Tag Team Champions.

Could Bliss surprise everyone, defeat Bayley, and be forced to participate in an embarrassing battle between two members of the unnamed WarGames winning squad? Or will the final bout of the feud, Bayley-Belair III, be presented to the audience? Fans will learn in due time.

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