Despite the fact that Bobby Lashley’s dismissal from The Fed was reportedly reversed at Paul “Triple H” Levesque’s request, Bobby Lashley may still technically be a part of the WWE Universe, “The Almighty One” isn’t exactly the current United States Champion Austin Theory’s first priority. No, Seth “Freakin'” Rollins, who defeated Bobby in a match between the top contenders on RAW to become the front-runner for Theory’s crown, deserves that accolade.

That’s right, Theory has another match with “The Visionary” scheduled for at some point in the future, with a chance to become a two-time former United States Champion very much a possibility in the not-too-distant future after defeating Rollins at Survivor Series in a three-way match for the United States Championship after famously failing to cash-in his Money in the Bank contract on an episode of RAW. Fortunately, as he explained to Byron Saxton on RawTalk, Theory isn’t afraid of the opportunity or the moment.

Theory remarked, “Byron, let’s be honest.” “We both know that Bobby Lashley wasn’t going to win the United States Championship, and everyone else knows it as well. Are you curious as to why? due to his rage and his conflict with Brock Lesnar. Now Bobby Lashley is in motion, exactly as I had predicted. And Seth Freakin Rollins now has a chance, Mr. Visionary, Mr. I See Everything.

Austin Theory

He has the chance to challenge me for the United States Championship. But let’s be honest, Seth, do you really want to call me a child while staring me dead in the eyes? I am a two-time United States Champion, not a young child. The champions you defeated, the ones you want to depose, and the ones you are powerless to stop. Because, as I’ve mentioned before even holding this tournament, everybody who steps up is put down and kicked out. And that’s what’s going to happen to you, Seth Freakin Rollins, all day.

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Can Theory maintain this momentum, outperform a performer ten years his senior, and put up a genuine star-making performance that would make Rollins dizzy? Time will tell, but he does have a supporter in the form of a certain two-time Hall of Famer who spoke highly of his victory at Survivor Series.

Booker T Still Thinks Austin Theory Is Going to Be a WWE Star

However, Booker T, the WWE Hall of Famer who was hesitant to label “A-finest” Town’s a bust after his Money in the Bank cash-in attempt, as he explained to his co-host Brad Gilmore on the Hall of Fame podcast, was extremely happy that Theory won the United States Championship for a second time at Survivor Series.

“You know, he’s not the flavor of the month anymore, people were saying. Booker stated that Vince was not present. “Many individuals actually believed that. But as I watch this youngster, I can tell how skilled Theory is; he’s been playing baseball from day one.

“But I said this kid, I stated that none of that was going to affect whether this guy was going to have a rocket strapped to him and go straight to the moon. I notice how much more grown this child appeared when I last saw him a few nights ago. This guy is actually becoming bigger in front of our eyes. We are witnessing this child develop in front of your eyes.

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“This guy already has all the tools to be a major major star man,” the person said. This guy is about to embark on the voyage of a lifetime because he is going to have one hell of a career. He is just about to polish those tools, prime himself, and get ready. And I asserted that, in terms of Austin’s Theory and how far he would go, none of these things would matter. Do you get what I mean? I did, after all, say that. So, yes, I’m enjoying it. I’m just glad to see the young person venture forth and comprehend the true meaning of honesty.

Booker, are you right? Does Theory have the potential to be the next great thing in WWE, or will some fans always refer to him as an imitation of the MJF? Only time will tell, but considering that he recently appeared to be dead in the sea, maybe Triple H is right and Theory’s next trick may involve walking on water.

Before the WWE United States Championship match, Austin Theory has high praise for Seth Rollins.

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