WWE fans were aware that it probably wasn’t a good idea when it was announced that Hulk Hogan would be one of the prestigious guests at RAW XXX. Despite the fact that the Hulkster is unquestionably one of the most famous figures in WWE history and has a place reserved for him on the Mount Rushmore of the organization.

public opinion of the former champion has significantly changed over the past ten or so years due to his history of racist comments and other issues. As a result, there aren’t exactly a tonne of Hulkamaniacs waiting to gush about him whenever he appears on WWE television.

Want proof? You only need to look at the opening portion of RAW XXX to see this. Hogan was jeered quite continuously until he referenced the Philadelphia Eagles, which naturally attracted the kind of cheap heat he was hoping to attract. While WWE made an effort to fill in for the nWo founder by riding the crowd mic fader, it didn’t help that his microphone was broken, resulting in several books that were difficult to ignore.

For those fans who are unaware, Hogan has received jeers at WWE events in the recent past. Even the ever-charismatic Titus O’Neil was unable to fill in for the 69-year-old legend when the company brought him out at WrestleMania in Tampa Bay to a similar response from the crowd.

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Will WWE finally grasp the message and quit using The Hulkster? Sadly, with WrestleMania 39, which will be broadcast live from Hollywood, California, coming up in a few months, it appears probable that “Hollywood” Hogan will appear on television more frequently than less.

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