While it may not have been what Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY had wanted, Damage CTRL’s presence on WWE SmackDown to promote…their defeat in the first WarGames match at Survivor Series(?) elicited a strong response from the Buffalo fans present.

When Becky Lynch’s name was mentioned, the audience roared. They also chanted “what?” in response to the host of Ding Dong, Hello! and appeared desperate for someone—anyone—to appear and silence the trio for good.

Fortunately, the only person who could have given the crowd what they wanted was Liv Morgan, who has been having a strange time ever since losing her SmackDown Women’s Championship belt to Ronda Rousey at Extreme Rules.

Without giving a thought to how many people were in the ring, Morgan went down and did a respectable job of evening the odds by eliminating Kai and SKY outside the ring, putting Bayley inside, and then going to town on the Fourth Horsewomen.

Even though the audience seemed to enjoy what Morgan brought to the table, she was eventually defeated in a three-on-one beatdown in the center of the ring.

Morgan undoubtedly needed a hero to intervene and level the playing field, but after Shozti and Raquel Rodriguez appeared earlier in the program to assist Emma after she had suffered a post-match beating at the hands of Shayna Baszler, it was unlikely that they would be the chosen heroes.

No, Tegan Nox, Shotzi’s old tag teammate who now has an extremely vibrant hairstyle, was the NXT superstar in question who appeared to help Morgan. Nox went berserk, landing her signature move, the Shining Wizard, which she refers to as the “World’s Shiniest Wizard,” and enabling Morgan to get a kendo stick and finally clear the ring.

Look, it seemed inevitable that Nox would appear on WWE television eventually given how frequently she was discussed during WarGames. Even yet, it’s always satisfying to see a performer gain their previous job back, particularly in the case of Nox, who thought she was let go because she lacked character. Is having green and purple hair a personality trait? Not always, but hey, it’s a start, isn’t it?

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Tegan Nox has a good idea why she was fired by WWE.

Nox went on the Into The Danger Zone Podcast to discuss her time in WWE after her 90-day non-compete clause with the company was out and said she understood why she was being let go in 2021, and it essentially had nothing to do with budget constraints, as transcribed by Sportslumo.

There are numerous diverse things. “Everyone is treading carefully,” said Nox. You kind of get the impression that I could be the next one with all the releases going on. I just got the impression that even if I didn’t meet their target demographic, I was still wanted and not at all welcome.

I’m a blonde-brunette girl with five feet six inches of tattoos. When I watch the product now, it reminds me a lot of the Diva era. Even though I could wrestle, I always felt like I was on the cutting edge.

“It’s strange that they didn’t think I had enough of a personality or character to keep my job. I run with whatever character is given to me. Although I’m not the girl next door, I was always referred to as such. Just let me be.

Before I was signed, I existed for six years; let me do that. I’ve always had the impression that I’m not the right fit for them. When they separated Shotzi and me, I immediately said, “Yeah, I’m on the block next.” While driving back to the hotel, we learned that we had swapped brands.

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Nox was right to predict that her actions might not last for the WWE Universe once she was selected for RAW and Shotzi continued to appear on SmackDown. Nox was released from her contract before she could even appear on RAW, returning to her old ring name of Nixon Newell, despite the fact that, at least according to Cagematch, she never really competed in any independent matches.

She won’t have to worry about the list of independent wrestlers she indicated wanting to compete elsewhere in the interview with Into The Danger Zone, though, as long as Nox returns to WWE. Nothing would be particularly surprising given how swiftly Paul “Triple H” Levesque is gobbling up talent.


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