The Miz absolutely wanted to win as he faced off against Dexter Lumis in a winner-takes-all combo money-ladder match on Monday Night RAW. Sure, Miz is theoretically wealthy thanks to his WWE contract, Miz and Mrs. contract, and royalties from The Marine movies he produced for WWE

Studios, but after losing a sizable sum of money earlier this month that he owed to Dexter Lumis, the Ohio-born-and-raised-in-LA Superstar was forced to ask his wife, Maryse, for an advance on his allowance in order to try to win it all back in a double-or-nothing

The Miz would be in good shape if he prevailed; sure, Lumis and his Kayfabe father-in-law, Johnny Gargano, spent some of the money on a shopping spree for early Christmas on RAW, but the two also triumphed at JBL’s 50k buy-in poker game a few weeks prior, so that had to more or less balance things out. But let’s just suppose that the Mizanin family wouldn’t have a very happy Christmas if Miz had lost the bout since the patriarch would have ended up passing out in the car.


It goes without saying that The Miz needed to figure out a method to tip the scales in “The A- Lister’s” favor so that a bout with Lumis, who is once again very frightening, muscular, and unpredictable, would not be a 50/50 proposition.

Fortunately, Miz hired a heater and made sure that everything would turn out very nicely for him, as he has done countless times before. You might be wondering why Reed has returned to the WWE Universe. because, people, and money talks.

The Miz Explains Why He Enlisted the Services of Bronson Reed in WWE

Many people anticipated Reed, then known as Jonah, to go on a Vader-esque run, winning belts, working major events like the Wrestle Kingdom, and perhaps even making it big with his faction TMDK, which now has a shaky future at best, had he stayed in New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he famously defeated Okada during the G1earlier this year.

Instead, he is employed by WWE, where he will collaborate with The Miz. Yet why? Why did the “Big Dawg” consent when Miz asked Reed to help? To find out, Byron Saxton went to the back with a camera team and a microphone.

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“You smell that? Smell it, go ahead, smell it. You ever see this amount of money?” Miz asked Saxton. “That s the smell of victory, baby! I beat Dexter Lumis! And now, he and his dumpster diver friends can go back into the hole they crawled out of.
But this is t about them. This is about me and my money. I have so many people to thank. First, I wanna thank my beautiful, gorgeous, sexy wife, because, without her, none of this would have been possible. She quadrupled my allowance.
Bronson Reed in WWE
I also wanna thank my baby girls, Monroe and Madison. But I also wanna thank my close, personal friend, an up-and-coming superstar who I helped pave the way for his long-awaited return. Ladies and gentlemen, Bronson Reed!
It was an honor getting you back into WWE because you have it all: Power, brutality, killer instinct, and need I state the obvious? I owe you big time. You are an unstoppable machine. I mean, you’re scary as hell! Am I right?”

As any good 300-pounder should, Reed filled out the frame before starting to haggle with The Miz.

Where did my money go?

Reed enquired in a commanding voice.

“Money? Of course,” said Miz. “You know I’m up to the task,”

“The A-Lister” turned back to Saxton when Reed left with two more stacks of Miz’s cash.

He’s so cool, right? Asked Saxton by Miz. We have a great friendship.

Well, there you have it, folks. WWE has already found the answer to the mystery before it could even be discussed on podcasts, YouTube videos, and various wrestling-focused websites. Miz hired Reed to be his heater and, in his eyes, a friend. WWE has also formally announced his return to the promotion with a welcome-back graphic.

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Finally, the Jonah Twitter account has a new name. It has almost become routine for Paul “Triple H” Levesque to bring back one of his former NXT standouts after a surprise return from WWE garnered the most electrifying reaction in the industry.

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