Chad Gable is many things: a WWE lifer who has been employed by the organization for nine years; an Olympian who competed for Team USA in 2012; and even the owner of The Alpha Academy, a wrestling academy with only one pupil at the moment, Otis.

However, as the saying goes, quality over quantity. Gable excels in the ring, is a pro’s pro who brought more to the “Shorty G” character than almost any other performer could, and is a master at manipulating crowds on the mic.

But if Gable Has a Pet Peeve, It’s when Individuals Disobey the Law.

That’s correct, although Gable is okay with Otis providing support if necessary, the Street Profits’ decision to begin their match before The Alpha Academy had a chance to warm up properly was against the WWE rulebook, as Gable explained to Cathy Kelley backstage.

“Lost? Lost what? Lost track of time?” Gable said. “That s what you meant to say? Because that s what happened. Because before I knew it, they re already in the ring singing their stupid song, the crowd s out there doing their stupid dance, Otis didn t even have time to get ready properly, and the man didn t even have a chance to get his shirt off and show that big beefy body we ve been working on, okay? Do you think that s the way I like to conduct business? Look at the man. We trained straight through Thanksgiving.
WWE Purist and "The Absorber" Chad Gable.
He’s fed, and he s ready to compete, but they didn t give us a chance, all right? Now I m gonna take this up with the proper authorities, I m gonna take this up with the office, because I m the only one that s read the rule book, that has interpreted the rule book, and that has absorbed the rule book, so I know what it’s like to need time to warm up, to get ready, and to prepare without being put in danger like we both were tonight, okay? Just call me The Absorber from now on. That s my new name, alright? Thank you!”

… what? And that’s…? Gable deserves credit for the fact that even he doesn’t know what he’s going to say when his motor mouth starts up.

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